Sunday, 4 October 2020

News Dance Delivery, Studio opening, Open Hose meet up..and more

Point to where you see the Art work?

One of the frustrations with Zoom!
Which hampers really easy working together, as well as you can't hear music in breakout rooms,
 so we continue and have fun and make films and dream of how and what we can do
especially in our future R&D in Back Lane West time,
 any suggestions welcomed 
excited by Communion project

Also ...I've returned to this and i'm not sure what i was going to write here as so much going on!

One of our groups Open House Penzance have managed 2 meet ups within Covid19 restrictions in Penlee Park Open air Theatre, many thanks to the council for their support
Liskeard group are leading the way in lots of small manageable physical initiatives and started a film project over August with Janice.

I've had some time off and realised why i usually don't work August! 
So have had a September break instead!
However grants etc don't break, so we articulated what a 'Time to Shine' leader role could offer us and put in our application and are through to interview! 

I return to work having searched for new music and then was inspired to formulate an idea thats been brewing so
Dance Delivery starts forming this week, employing solo dancers from the groups, mainly Shallal Dance Theatre, to deliver dance to those who are isolated, initially visiting those from our performance groups: to rekindle and remember what we love, the physical, the kinetic, the in the moment, the spontaneous, the connection and joyful fun of it all.
Using music by Kyle Coleman

Invitation being designed for this 
and posters being created for Wonderful Words and Zoom events, thanks to Mike Brett and Anna and Michael Willis.

Many thanks as ever to the whole team background and foreground for keeping this all happening, supported and current. 
Leading into winter we are using time in our residency in November to explore our Vision,
 as Shallal is the sum of its parts new people bring new visions and possibilities and we look at our wishes and dreams and our realities and potential.

Good news that the Studio opens up gently this week, again within Covid 19 restrictions.
So many people in Shallal cannot (or do not want to) access art via technology which we all accept is generally a poor second to the real thing!
However there are many benefits of it as well, so we are grateful for all the ways we can reach and be with each other.
Terri, returning to Cornwall to live in  the most southerly village the Lizard with no car, has reconnected via Zoom and we are so enjoying seeing her and a stream of suggestions and creativity, many thanks to Teddy Chilton ( her son) and Sophia Muir ( her friend) for wonderful music to use.

When this intense period of restrictions end and we can meet up again we don't want to loose the capacity to reach people on Zoom and phone, post etc and work 1:1 and intimately and in online groups with those who can't reach us physically.

There is a window of opportunity for positive change at this time, when we are halted and challenged,
 and which we all need to embrace and support positive system changes for people and planet.

as a PS you may remember i went to Tsavo National Park in Kenya to visit my brother and his wife and team making their film 5 years ago
It has gone onto become The Elephant Queen bought by Apple TV and won numerous awards,
 recently it collected 4 from one festival! including cinematography! ....a quick chat interview with them. 
Congratulations to them and all the wonderful team for years of hard work and dedication, 
with a real love and understanding of their work, and again it highlights the work we all need to do to stop this crisis getting worse and build our futures, in community with the creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

also Congratulations to Jacca their son who was nominated for his first film! 
Hope for a Highland Sea


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