Thursday, 22 November 2018

Words and Shows and 'Sharing' this Saturday!

It's always interesting to see an artist at their craft and Wednesday at Shallal 2 while recreating our 'lost?!' rehearsal playlist, I watched/observed Jo L sharing words out in our smaller than usual group. "Cats" proclaims Sidney confidently, Leigh suggests sounds, accepted and practiced and everyone chooses their section of the poem to speak.
Words can scare me, but for Jo it is her world, her element. We have the joy of regularly watching the strength of her performance but Wednesday we see the wordsmith at work.
Lois recently introduced us commenting how many cross art talents people have in Shallal. I take it for granted!

Shallal 2 dividing up a poem
Rosie, Sidney, Jo L, Maybelle, Miles, Sasha, Leigh 

It will be worth coming to Shallal Dance Theatres next short show just to experience the strength of 3 very different writers, Jo, Deb's and Elaine....1.30pm Friday 14 December St Peters Hall Newlyn, devised and inspired by the Centenary of Womens Vote! 
Today we visit The Hypatia Trust for research, many thanks to Delpha Hudson. 
I remember the collection/library when it was housed in a beautiful home gallery/library in the garden at New Mill of Melissa Hardie - amazing to watch things grow! Just read that "In 2012, Melissa received an MBE from Queen Elizabeth for her Services to the Arts and Heritage of West Cornwall. "

And while promoting those 2 shows in 3 days ...both with words in......

Don't forget this Saturday, Shallal 'Sharing' work from the Back Lane West Residency, 1 - 3pm..
Miles from EY and Shallal 2 is showing his work for the first time alongside, Yvonne, Jane, Sam, Tina, Anna, Barry, Toby .....
Come along ...Hope to see you there!

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