Friday, 16 November 2018

Near future and other work, 2 shows and a Sharing before Christmas!

So here comes the time for the Annual report to be written and
.....i am standing right in the middle of work...

near future 2 shows: one poster done, so lets pretend the show is as well!! December 12, Shallal 2...looking good, supported by good music and so we hope. It is there in draft form, words came in this week..
Shallal 2 are always worth watching! they have a quirky style and togetherness which allows a fresh look on life!

Art work - Zoe Osmond
Poster design -Anna Willis
and in the midst of rehearsal we are making decorations for this years Christmas Tree!

Other show, ( thanks to Lou, Shallal Dance Theatre have funding for a short project, immersing themselves in Heritage yet again) Womens right to vote! funded by Women's Vote Centenary Grant Scheme, December 14 poster to come soon?
 i missed the main story and first rehearsal today, very excited about it, the amazing story of Debs great granny intertwined with Votes for women ..Elaine's beautiful poem already with us...
My back burner project of a poetry book..maybe will happen in 2019..looking for supporters donors funders!

So looking back to Doorways etc, a full and busy year! (Just been through the blog and a year of personnal grief as well as successes, Danu, Marjorie and Tom, development manager,/musician, founder member dancer, and associate artist)

Present also includes Back Lane West residency  - which i always love and also new studio space and equipment!
Do come along to the Sharing: wonderful big bold paintings, tape, film and more with chat and refreshments!

then forwards to: can i write the Creation Space application by end of the week and Lou has worked on Embodied Space re submission and next show 25 January Newlyn Gallery not that far away.

Big thank you to Anna for help with posters!!
Barry for enabling groups into Back Lane West and Hennie for printing posters and commissioning the show and everyone!
Oh and exhibition in January....

Some good contact improvisation links
and roly poly for toddlers which is how i often describe contact improvisation

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