Thursday, 1 November 2018

Crowdfunder, Picture This, and sharing 13 questions from Robert Fripp

Morning thoughts:
writing to a contact from Spectrum
to let them know about our groups!

Woke about to try to write my part of annual report, - but thats not going to happen, the day is coming in fast 3 birthdays in Shallal Dance Theatre to celebrate today ( 3 dogs at home - don't ask - 3 adult children left home and now 3 dogs!! good exercise though).

Last night our new crowdfunder went LIVE, many thanks to eldest child Mary who edited it for me!
Please support and share if you can:

if easier it's on our FB page'

Shallal 2 show 
6pm Wednesday December 12
Falmouth Art Gallery

our community space exhibition inspired by Illustration now in January

Love working with new member of Liskeard group....
and potential to take work into a local care home, some of my happiest early work memories are in Geriatric Hospital day room.

And just looked at what our patron Robert Fripp is doing, a lot is the answer, off around the world again i think...
wanted to share this:

Connections ....just remembered yesterday i was watching and witnessing again how music calls forth certain movements/responses, lovely new member in Liskeard encourages us by her heritage to explore Greek and middle eastern music, the ney and yesterday armenian traditional music, she called one track 'ancient' wonderful sensitivity that art/ dance/music taps into.....layers that are hard to articulate and don't need to be...

Thirteen Questions

Where does Music come from?
What does Music do?
How does Music enter our world?
How does Music have effect in the world?
What does Music wish to achieve?
What does Music mean?
What does Music need from us?
What do we need of Music?
How do we play Music?
How does Music play us?
What does Music ask of me?
What do I ask of Music?
What, how, why, when, where and with whom is the power of Music?

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