Sunday, 28 October 2018

Residency and more music and trainee associate artists....

Back Lane West Residency 2018
one of my favourite images from Back Lane West by Sam While in our first residency
November residency timetable more info in blog link below

November Back Lane West's that time of year again and i need to make a 'to do' list
this year we may bring over a stretch of dance floor....we have Jack from Feast to thank for many years ago getting us this dance floor and we have the Acorn to thank who store it for us.
I'm looking forward to working more with Barry Cooper and introducing Express Yourself artists to the space and opportunity.
As well as seeing what a long space enables A&A and Barry to make, I'm looking forward to all of it!

This evening i listened to a friend Miranda and need to recommend....
and of course Skye! i went looking around her music sites and bumped into videos of her performing at Ladders and Footprints, Falmouth Art gallery 2017 and our exhibition/ book launch at The Exchange 2018!

So pleased to have found a way to get Tom to perform with us,  hoping to do much more and many thanks to Henry Smith charity for their faith in us to give 3 years funding for 3 community groups! including Jonathan and Thomas as trainee associate artists, so much is possible with that security that enables you to plan and provide and outreach.
warm up playtime outside the marquee for Proud to care festival
Tom in blue

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