Saturday, 19 August 2017

Summer "As we get older" & more

Summer and i decided i would share the joy and light of Steve Tanner's photos half way through the holidays to remind us that we did have some sun in case it was still raining .....but today is a sunny day and i should be swimming!
But it is lovely to see these again and share them on Facebook.

Toby at the Minack Theatre

I haven't wanted to put anything on FB till now as we were chasing moving from one of 28 ( chosen from hundreds) to the final 6 with Barbara's wonderful short film As we get Older, in The Real Stories Short Film competition, however we achieved 12.5K views so far!!! and international sharing and comments but sadly not chosen for the final 6! However great experience and wonderful to have the film shared and viewed and commented on:
"Real Stories is brightening up our morning with the short documentary by Barbara Santi, detailing the experiences of those involved with inclusive Shallal Dance Theatre Company.
The creative arts allow people to engage on a level of equality, Shallal demonstrates the power of offering people a safe, creative outlet. - Have a little watch of the longer documentary by the dance group for some touching experiences of dancers within the group."

The Exhibitions are on through the summer:
Shallal Sketchbooks at Falmouth Library
Belinda's Doorway photographs at Gyllyngdune Gardens foyer, Princess Pavillions, Falmouth
and Ladders and  Footprints exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery.....good comments and appreciation from audiences there
Toby's wonderful Passmore Edwards painting
Lots still going on in the Shallal life, 50 Shallal Sketchbooks are going up to Launceston Library for....
"As a town we are about to celebrate our local poet Charles Causley’s 100th Birthday on 24th August, our library works closely with our local museum and festival organisers.
.... it would be amazing to hand out 50 books, let people sketch and write as they celebrate, touring the town and venues where his poems are set.
Books can be put on exhibition in one of the sites like the library or museum afterwards."

Cross Boundaries ACE application in for Back Lane West Residency in October, fingers crossed.

Lou and i went to meet Cultivator at Krowji

Barbara has written our half way report for Cornish Doorways

Work for our community groups continues, new one starting in Penzance in September with Colin and friends!

Trustee Nick Fripp is writing applications, and a phone conversation last night with Toby about his dream Tree House Studio! Nick is very supportive of this - its so important to work with others as often the best projects are things i have to be convinced of!
This one was in that bracket when first suggested, but now 'why not!" and new Shallal friend Nigel has experience creating totally accessible toilet with hoist in a field with the school leavers class at his last job, so all possible, bring on the dreams in summer with sunsets and sunrises!
Happy Holidays and here's to the busy times ahead as well!

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