Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Playtime ( this Friday ) and Showtime 14th July

Playtime and Showtime
Come along and contrast and compare, I would value your feedback.

Minack Theatre 
Friday 26 May 
Pop Ups through the day 11am-12.30pm then 1.30pm-3pm
Falmouth Library 
Friday 14th July 
Ladders and Footprints
1.30pm, 4pm and 6pm

I am often unsure which i prefer our spontaneous work or our shows, maybe its not really prefer, obviously i like both but which is more effective for audience, fun for artists, has most impact.
We applied for a local HFC residency to further our Pop Ups and Always New approach ( which we didn't get ) however now thanks to a generous unexpected offer from Zoe Curnow ( who i met at HFC, at a great networking evening, so all works out in the end) we are doing some of this exciting R&D, and with on site visitors 'audience', on Friday at The Minack Theatre ( not the most accessible space, but ok at the top).

So we have:
Structure, Stimulus, Suggestion - workshop approach
Structure, Freedom and Intent - open improvisation approach
On your own, with others or still ( and if you don't know what you're doing get off the stage!) directions for Open Improvisation approach - which is the basis of Pop Ups.

Last summer we went out bare minimum - i love it - surroundings, each other, audience ...and then what happens.....
However in our further R&D we want to look at: songs, music live or recorded travelling with performers, some words/sounds, how would these work,
so you may hear: rumblings, stirrings, melodies and song on Friday.

Do come along if you can, we'd love to meet you, we have time to work and chat!
and we'd like your feedback, we can do a pop up show in a few minutes just for you...with, what must be one of the best backdrops in the world...you can't compete with it but you can hope to compliment it.

Then not long now till our new Show Ladders and Footprints,
last tweeks and practicalities coming in, my memory poorer than usual, fortunately it's a group effort?!
I watch our children, that are now at college /university struggle with deadlines and the creative process and then i watch myself!
Nice feedback after rehearsal from Barbara Santi recently and the wonderful mixture which is Shallal responding with real appreciation to dear Passmore Edwards and all he did for us ( I"m Cornish).


  1. Thanks for sharing the details of the show. The backdrop is really mesmerizing with natural beauty. I hope to see excellent performances from you guys.

  2. What I liked most about it is location you choosed for theatre. Nothing is better than having theatre in open location. Thanks for sharing the details with us