Saturday, 20 May 2017

New show, community groups and funding, Co-op voting and CPD card

Lots to chat about:
a period of feeling fallow, a personnel post show inertia after Shallal 2's successful Beautiful Dirt and waiting to kick into action for Shallal Dance Theatre next "Doorways' Show, which is now well out of my inertia with a working title "Ladders and Footprints."
Full on rehearsals and pulling the remaining strands into a co-ordinated whole.
The Doorways show rehearsals for Godolphin had me constantly wondering "how we could move easily on cobbles and off stage areas?", this show has me looking at the logistics of moving through 3-4 performance spaces, moving performers and audience up steps, through doorways, around pavements etc then props/ art work, dream sequence, live music, BSL translation and....

a little taster of Pep and Colin, yes they will be wearing these outfits at some point in the new show!!

We have Victoria organising our costumes and live music from Delpha as well as George and a lot of colourful 'views' inspired by Passmore Edwards life and legacy.
 Ladders and Footprints Shallal Dance Theatres new Doorways project show inspired by Passmore Edwards - the Cornish Philanthropist (and activist)
Friday 14 July, 1.30pm, 4pm & 6pm Falmouth Library.

Wonderful news of new funding for community groups from Clair Milne Trust.
Lovely visitors to "Out There" our Liskeard based new group this week were Hayley and Natty.

We plan to start a new Open House group in Penzance in the autumn term, and to consolidate and develop Express Yourself/Friends and Dancing, Shallal 2, and Out There.
We are able to welcome Lois Taylor as associate artist with Out There.

How to vote for Shallal in the Co-op Community Fund

Shallal has been selected by Co-op as one of the charities they will support between now and October this year in the Penzance area.

Shallal applied to Co-op to raise funds for a new community dance group in Penzance.

So, between now and October, 1% of everything that people spend at Co-op goes towards the fund. But not all of that money will come to Shallal; there are three different charities that people can vote for, and the more people that vote for Shallal, the more of that fund Shallal will receive.

Here is Shallal’s profile page To become a member and vote for Shallal, visit – It costs £1 and takes 1 minute.

Shallal needs votes, so please tell people in the Penzance area about this and please become a member (if not already) and vote.

Many thanks from everyone at Shallal

Ladders and Footprints is moving on and we are really pleased to know Harry Theaker will view our dress rehearsal, his advice last time was spot on!

Michael will make us a poster hopefully, while he is also flat hunting in Edinburgh.

I'm really pleased to have been successfully awarded £250 for CPD dance card. I plan to use it to fund film and editing training with Barbara Santi. There are often dances we wish to capture and small projects we hope to do to spread the reach of Shallal's work ... lots of ideas percolating- watch this space!

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  1. Woah, whats going on here !!?!? haha loving the two guys in that outfit. This is a really amusing post. Thanks for putting it up. Superb !!