Friday, 12 May 2017

Beautiful Dirt performance ...."Exceeded expectations"

Well done to everyone in Shallal 2, Out There and the dance students from Falmouth uni, Bryony, Jade and Katy.
Thank you to all the families, supporters and friends who made it possible, and to Wheal Martyn, Jan, Gemma, Sue and team.
Thank you to our chairperson Hennie Boex and to all in the background.

"Exceeded  Expectations" is a nice thing to hear from Gemma after the show and to be invited to continue the relationship.
Jade, Bryony and Katy produced a strong and interesting dance piece complimented by the depth of Jack Clemo's poem interpreted by Out There, as a good introduction to Beautiful Dirt..well done to Jo Lumber for such exciting and helpful word pieces and to everyone for such insightful contributions from the wealth of images and site at Wheal Martyn.
Thanks to Anne Mackay who took the camera i thrust at her and photographed the dress rehearsal, you can see a selection of the photos now in an album on our Facebook page.

The performance piece was exceptional and far exceeded expectations for Wheal Martyn.  So much historical content was included through the dance, with poems and dialogue, so the story of Wheal Martyn was expressed in a truly unique way.  The variety of participants in the performance added tremendously, promoting inclusivity in such a visual and powerful way.  The audience were very appreciative of the work created and enjoyed the experience.
The project allowed for a cross art-form, site-specific installation, which is truly unique.  All parties would do it again and Wheal Martyn staff are inspired to continue inclusive arts based projects into the future.

In future years we hope to include dance and arts projects like this at Wheal Martyn.  It is hoped that the relationship with Shallal2 will continue to grow and we will see more developments from this.

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  1. I congratulate the team on outstanding performance. They all have collectively done a good job which would not have been possible without team work.