Thursday, 16 March 2017

Shallal Dance Theatre Outings!

Suddenly there is so much going on!

A potential of 3 outings for Shallal Dance Theatre, film, dance and theatre!

Today at 11am we all go to see My Feral Heart at Newlyn Filmhouse!
Thanks to Colin for inspiring and enabling this opportunity and to the Filmhouse,
there are still tickets available for the Sunday showing at 4pm,
and we look forward to the Q&A with the producer - bring hankies though it looks like it takes on a lot of close issues!

Next week we head off to Truro library for final Passmore Edwards R&D with visitor Dean Edwards who wrote Funding the Ladder
and yes another of his buildings and then to Ballet Rambert matinee of Ghost Dances and more 2pm at Hall For Cornwall thank you to their community club scheme.

(and for those with stamina Inner Ground a local over 50's dance group are performing for free at 6.30pm.
Caroline Schanche one of their artistic directors performed and created work/film and costumes with Shallal Dance Theatre some years ago, shows included MASK and On the Line.)

Unexpected news of Shallal friend Philip Robinson ( who facilitated the highly successful MAP Music Access Project we hope to restart ), performing in End Game at The Acorn on 31 March.

 on top of all this there are rehearsals for Beautiful Dirt with Shallal 2 and others i think they deserve their own blog post - coming next!

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  1. This is a wonderful play that I have watched before. The actors have done their best job and did justice with the characters. I hope it succeed to capture attention this time as well.