Thursday, 24 November 2016

The past week

from Craig at Squashbox Theatre
 "had a really wonderful time performing to the group - one of the best audiences I've ever had!"
"I loved doing my show for you!
It was a real joy to perform for an audience who were so attentive and enthusiastic."

We were able to invite in other groups to watch as well....
Craig showing how the puppets work 

Well done to Alice, Janice and Tom on Tuesday night at the Bodmin Dance Platform we hope to make it a regular event in our calender!
I love the Liskerett centre the warm, clean, uncluttered, light space with shafts of light and a view!!
unwinding towards the end of the session
Janice, Tom and Pam

Last not least a great week for BLW;  more details on Shallal Studios blog

this week visited The Shallal Sketchbooks and yesterday the Collective, and this weekend sees Pep, Colin and Kerry with some mats and a stepladder! joined in the afternoon by musicians Delpha and Nigel! with Kerry and Mel in on Sunday ( Toby maybe as well)
The next week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday i get a chance to 'play" with Shallal artists and guests moving and drawing and ....! 
Come and see some of what has happened on Saturday 3rd December  3 - 6pm
and another chance with interactions in the Private view ( we are fixing the date ) At Helston Museum gallery 3- 16 January

looking at film
And just a few hat photos! from last week :

hats in the making!
and today we celebrate Victoria's birthday she has brought so much to Shallal and this afternoon she delivers the second Shallal Sketchbook Project workshop with St Levan School.

if you haven't seen it then....

This afternoon Barbara Santi returns with film opportunities , animation this time!- and we start work with Patrick Mcwilliam on sculpture!!

Behind the scenes Lou soon starts writing bid/s for us and our AGM is next Friday 2pm 2nd December at St Peter's Hall, Newlyn.

This summer holidays was the first summer for many years when i haven't had to carry concerns about structure and funding and i am very grateful to everyone who has enabled that, and to those in the past who supported us through to this point.

About to sign off without mentioning the real improvement and sensitive and confident work, withinteresting choreography, i saw at Friends and Dancing this week! do get along to their Sharing on morning of 14 December, Dracaena Centre, Falmouth if you can.

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