Monday, 28 November 2016

last week

Images from the week:

Doorways visiting artists continue with Patrick Mcwilliam and sculpture/carving - fun!! everyone who did it last week loved it and did really well...

More dances coming together for the piece and Barbara Santi in filming for a short 'older' dancer film, i dislike categories, but if we do this we show older dancers/artists working with every other age, so celebrating and getting our inclusion perspective out there!

Animation design also started with Barbara....
and postcards i am collecting for our AGM getting finished! bring them in all of you who are late or have forgotten!!

Currently writing termly report and thinking i had nothing much to say and then finding we are full, full full, wonderful and thank you to our funders and donors!

AGM Friday 2pm Newlyn

Showing from Footprints this Saturday 3 - 6pm Saturday Back Lane West, Redruth
come along for refreshments and to see some of the work produced over the past month!

Ben and Brian

6 work benches and all go...

some worked in pairs and then this group were left and created a great new piece!

with Katy! and Jo behind - eyes right!

photos by Victoria, so pleased she and George are working on the book, see George's lovely photos from the residency on the studios blog

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