Sunday, 6 November 2016

Friday 30 September a busy day!

"We are very pleased that the group enjoyed taking part.  What a fantastic group that you facilitate. It was a privilege to be part of it for the afternoon.

Yes, it was a great high score, and we will definitely keep you informed of the competition results."

Dr Amanda Lucas
Postdoctoral Research Associate
College of Life and Environmental Sciences
University of Exeter
Cornwall Campus

Thank you to trustee Hennie who recommended us for, we knew not what! and to Colin who made it run smoothly and Amanda and Debbie the researchers!
Screens were put up forms and instructions circulated around the place and participants waited on chairs as in a waiting room, but a quiet bubble of intrigue and interest was sustained and the result was fun and some surprising high scores - hidden talents to the fore!

All that after:
 a visit from old Shallal friend Patrick Mcwilliam ( previously known for enthusiasm and vaulting over piano stools at Open House Penzance! many years ago) and some wild and wonderful ideas already percolating for sculptures, installations and more!
Barbara popping in, so grateful for all her multi layered input and support
Tom Willoughby leading a morning fun and interesting dance/movement/ mime/hiphop style workshop with high appeal
During which George and i managed a creative meeting to get the next phase of rehearsals and planning moving
Last not least George and Victoria will work on our book 
and more:
Zoe's wonderful red dress in time for the Summer Pop Up show!!
busy day!
Thanks to Victoria for sourcing this, Zoe was thrilled.

Passmore Edwards and his hat by Eddie
(Passmore Edwards turned down a knighthood twice!)

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