Friday, 23 January 2015

Fan mail for Marjorie's poem

I have many dreams and schemes and one tucked away in an old folder waiting for it's time is for a poetry book, meanwhile:
"I had the pleasure of being one of the audience members when Shallal were performing in Penlee museum before Christmas. The performance was absolutely amazing and the one item I particularly enjoyed was the washing line poem.  Would it be possible for you to either let me have a copy or inform me where I could have one.
Thanking you in anticipation"

for those of you who weren't there:
      Memory Line       

A washing line most people think

Is to hang out your clothes to dry

But mine is special, I peg on mine

My special thoughts, my hopes, my fears

A dried red rose from my wedding bouquet

My first mothers day card, specially made

A valentines card, some photographs from long ago

when I was young and slim

Such memories they bring me

My dreams, my hopes, my prayers

These are the things that you will find upon my washing line.

By Marjorie Wilton

(copyright Marjorie Wilton no reproduction without permission)

Eddie and Marjorie

Zoe ( daughter ) and Marjorie

Linda and Marjorie

photos Steve Tanner
It seems to be a time of year for thanking people and I can't thank Marjorie enough for all her support and friendship throughout Shallal Dance theatre's existence. I have learnt a lot from her and like all good friendships she has gently corrected and challenged me when necessary!

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