Wednesday, 1 August 2012

somtimes we fail

Sometimes we fail, and our culture which promotes the self and self confidence, self assertion etc often hasn't much space for apologies, admitting we fail or are wrong, saying sorry;

well, this morning, after a rich day yesterday which concluded with our eldest daughter's celebratory -nearly 18- evening meal at Sennen with both her wonderful godmother's there, from the outer regions of Italy and Essex, i was tidying my desk ready for a meeting with Diana today, when i found i had forgotten Star's, Echoes Dance Co show yesterday, not only had i forgotten it, i had not blogged to remind everyone about it.
Kerry and Sammy from the main co were guest artists in it and i was keen and fascinated to see and support them and Demelza (who is trying out with us in September) and Star is an amazing artist and support within the company, so what can i say a deep apology and sorry for not being there (or busting a gut to try to be).

It was the shoreline where work and home meet and hit each other like waves and normally one negotiates it reasonably well, but yesterday, work and all around it was washed away in the waves of life / holiday /family/ guests arriving/staying/ work being done at home.

So back to the desk, back to August trying to be a month off, and failing in that already this year, so plan B keeping work in it's place, not working either, as hitting inertia as body etc want holiday; lie in, time off, time with other people that i don't see the rest of the year etc. And i am blogging a needed apology but also blogging to avoid; clearing desk, sorting for meeting, sorting for writing bids, etc

Some new photos from Andy on;

I am returning to my desk; remembering enthusiasm - when talking about Doorways and new bid, grateful for a job which usually doesn't feel like a job..i love being self employed, the people i work, with the medium etc thankful for all the support Shallal receives from everyone in and around it..plunging into the frozen wave of desk mess! before the house wakes up.....

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