Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Open House and Shallal 2

Open House groups next term, good news Redruth is continuing and really excited about Helston group, please spread the word!
new group in Falmouth
poster needs a bit of tweeking but all info correct
and big thank you to Jessie and Matt

Sharing new groups info;
 Wednesday 5-6.30pm  Shallal 2 Falmouth group replaces Penryn Improvisation and performance group. A big thank you to The Performance Centre and especially Adrian Bossey for giving us space there for the last year. We are now back in town and hope not to move again! and Jessie is now supporting..thanks to Debs and Anne Mackay for helping to nurture and support the group so far.
We have held an Open House group at this venue before and it a big airy hall with a nice wooden floor, parking, access etc. Friends and Dancing is from 10am-12pm in Falmouth on the same day they are different but complimentary groups, Shallal 2 is designed to be a follow on group...we have the enthusiasm to make something happen...and some talent we hope to nurture....and most of all we hope to meet and have fun.

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